Shoes That Make You Taller: Pick the Right Ones for You!

Shoes That Make You Taller: Pick the Right Ones for You!

Shoes that make you taller: Pick the right ones for you!  



The search for shoes that make you taller is not that simple. You'd be surprised how many mistakes people make when choosing them.  

But, there are a few tricks you can apply to make the best choice. Do you want to know them?  

We've done the work around here and compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when doing your shoe search.  

Take a pen and paper and follow these recommendations! 

5 tips to pick the right shoes that make you taller 

Choosing the right shoe is almost an art, and if you're looking for them to accentuate your height, the task can be even a little more complicated than usual.  

However, by applying these 5 tips, your trip to the shoe store will be much more pleasant, and you will get those perfect shoes that make you taller. 

  • Structure is everything
  • If you have short stature, the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a shoe is its shape. Leave your worries about the height of the sole behind and pay attention to the design.   

    Stylists recommend that the front of the shoe has to be slightly rounded. You should avoid square shapes as much as possible and, above all, those with pointed toes.  

    These models directly affect the stature and create an effect that is the complete opposite of what is being sought.  

    You should go for a simple, rounded option, something that adds a subtle touch to your outfit without having to stand out. Let your outfit be the one that catches the eye, leaving your shoes in the background.  

  • Simplicity is the key  

  • As we mentioned in the previous point, you have to keep it simple. Avoid flashy designs, and we are not only talking about color, we are also referring to sizes and design.  

    If you want to choose the perfect shoes that make you taller, you should avoid oversized shoes. Pick the right size that fits correctly to your foot and does not fit loose.  

    Shoes with a lot of decoration or an outlandish design are your enemies. Make sure the design is simple and gives space to your leg, so you create an illusion of lengthening, which, of course, will be very flattering.  

  • The sole, a misleading ally 

    When picking shoes that make you taller, the first thing you should look at is the sole, but not for the reasons you are thinking about.  

    This part of the shoe is the most important, but also the one you should choose most carefully. We understand that you want to go straight for the big soles, but you should keep a few things in mind.   

    Shoes with large soles are usually more eye-catching, revealing not only the short stature but also the attempt to conceal. The idea is to apply subtle changes that help to increase a few centimeters but without giving an exaggerated appearance. 

    However, this does not mean that it is wrong to pick some shoes like this. If we talk about more rustic models like winter boots or hiking boots, the perception changes, as this aspect is part of the classic design of these models. So, take that to your advantage!  


  • Barefoot? Thank you, next! 

  • Just as large soles can have a counterproductive effect on your quest for shoes that make you taller, so can barefoot style.  

    This style of shoe has too thin soles built-in, which will totally take away that desired height effect. Although comfortable, it will not be a smart choice to opt for this style.  

    It's all in the balance, neither too big nor too small soles. You must find that medium size that helps you without taking the height effect away from you.  

  • Don't forget your clothes!  

    Last but not least, your outfit is your ace up your sleeve.  

    Shoes that make you taller are not the only solution to give with those extra centimeters, your clothes play a leading role in this.  

    The shoes you pick should be matched with your outfit, which should also be carefully chosen to highlight your height. 

    The most important things to keep in mind are monochromatic colors and simple designs. Avoid strident colors and overloaded prints, vertical lines are your allies!   

    However, this is not the only thing you can apply. You can also put into practice some of these tips to choose your outfit if you have short stature 

    Each one of these recommendations is just an aid that you can apply in your search for those shoes that make you taller. Our suggestions are intended to give you the best guidelines to reach that goal you are looking for.  

    But, remember, these are only advice, you can risk using the shoes that best suit your style, or you can use those that make you feel more comfortable.  

    However, it's worth considering these tips and experimenting a bit with your footwear. Maybe the results you'd get will become your new wardrobe routine and favorite style.  

    Ready to choose the perfect shoes that make you taller?  


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