Are Elevator Shoes And Shoe Lifts Noticeable?

Are Elevator Shoes And Shoe Lifts Noticeable?

Many people consider wearing elevator shoes and shoe lifts but feel doubts about whether people will notice they're wearing them. In this article, we'll break down if they are noticeable or not, and what to do if people figure out you're wearing them.

So you’re about to purchase your first pair of elevator shoes or shoe lits. You want to feel the excitement of getting an extra height lift of a few inches, but then you start questioning yourself:

Are elevator shoes and shoe lifts too obvious? 

Short answer: No, elevator shoes and shoe lifts are not noticeable to the naked eye, and in fact, most people don’t realize the wearer might be wearing them. 

The only way to figure out if someone is actually wearing elevator shoes is by paying very detailed attention to the footwear, which also depends on what type of shoes you’re wearing and the height enhancement.

The key is to find a good pair of shoes that fit well and look like any other pair of sneakers or dress shoes. A lot of men's elevator shoes have a sleek design and can be worn with almost any outfit. As long as you feel comfortable in them, no one will be the wiser.

However, what happens if someone realizes that your shoes are a bit "off"? If someone does happen to notice that, don't worry! Just a simple answer explaining you’re wearing shoes that add a little extra height, won’t make people think twice about it. Remember, it all starts with the why.

Always remember why you are wearing elevator shoes. 

Why are you wearing elevator shoes? If the answer is you want to boost your confidence, get an extra few inches, or simply improve your posture, you shouldn’t hide it! In an ever-changing world where people are more inclusive and respect predominates above everything, there’s no reason to hide or lie about the type of footwear you’re wearing. In fact, people love being around a person striving to upgrade his style.

What type of elevator shoes are less noticeable

 Of course, there are many types of elevator shoes, and some are more obvious than others. It really depends on the design you’re wearing. From our experience, the most discreet footwear are men’s heeled boots and casual shoes that make you taller. While boots have the advantage of being somehow big in size, it’s quite difficult to really notice they’re adding you some height. On the other hand, elevator shoes that can be worn with shorts usually are the ones that add less height and therefore, are the most discreet.

Conclusion: What type of elevator shoes to wear

elevator shoes men

Be aware that it really doesn’t matter if other people notice or not what type of footwear you’re wearing. As long as you feel comfortable being yourself and acknowledging that it’s cool to be a little taller sometimes, it’s for sure no big deal!

Having said that, at Gova we only source elevator shoes that are both comfortable and the least noticeable to the naked eye. You can shop with confidence and remember our support team will take care of whatever you may need.

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