Height Increasing Insoles

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Height-Boost Layers: 1.2''

It’s Time To Stand Out

With these height-boosting insoles, you won’t need to worry about the shoes you’re wearing. Add them to any shoe and get that extra boost of confidence and height you’re looking for. Made for casual, exercise, or dress shoes, Gova’s insoles are made for short kings ready to find their queens, regain their power, and sit up straighter on their throne.

Want a couple of extra inches? On your height?

With Gova’s height-increasing insoles, you’ll reach for more than just the cookie jar. Rest assured that your feet are getting the extra support you need and that boost on your height.

Get Comfy

Enhance comfort

Stand Taller

Improve your posture

Get Back Into Alignment

Realigns your feet 

Your Heels Will Thank You

Improve heel support and cushioning

Ease Into It

Ease back, knee, and hip pain 

Use with your favorite shoes

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