5 Clothing Tips to Apply With Shoes That Make You Look Taller!

5 Clothing Tips to Apply With Shoes That Make You Look Taller!

Yes, believe it or not, there are clothes that you can combine with shoes that make you look taller to gain a couple of extra inches. 

Luckily for you, after a lot of research, we've narrowed it all down to 5 tips you can use to stand out this summer, or winter, up to you! 

Uncomplicated, fashionable, and easy to buy, you won't have to worry about prices. We have thought of everything to provide you with the best options

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5 clothing tips to combine with shoes that make you look taller

Putting together a style that helps you disguise your short stature is not so difficult. But, you should take into account some details before doing it, and here we summarize them for you:

Tip 1: Vertical stripes 

I'm sure you didn't realize that the print of your clothes plays an important role in disguising your height. Not only should you make sure you wear shoes that make you look taller, but you also have to take care of what you wear with them

One of your allies will be vertical lines. It doesn't matter if they are thick or thin, this type of print gives a visual effect of elongation, helping you look slimmer and taller. 

You can take advantage of this resource in all types of clothing. Whether you choose coats, pants, shirts, or t-shirts, any garment with this design will flatter you. 

Remember to avoid flashy and overdone prints. Stick to the simplest options. 


Tip 2: High-waist pants


Make sure that when you choose the pants that match your shoes that make you look taller, they are above the hip. It doesn't necessarily have to cover your entire waist, but make sure the final cut is close to that area. 


Pants at the hips or a little lower create the opposite effect to what you are looking for, as they make your legs look shorter


You should always accentuate the length of the legs, and wearing pants that cover a little more of the torso area will help you in this. Avoid pants that are too wide, make sure the pants are tight but comfortable.


Whether you are a man or a woman, this option will be very helpful to achieve the visual effect of height you are looking for.



Tip 3: Neutral colors


If you are going to wear shoes that make you look taller, you must make sure that your clothes have the right colors, otherwise, you could be missing an opportunity to boost your goal of increasing your height. 


Neutral, monochromatic, and solid colors are your best friends. Lighter and pastel options should be left for the torso area. Always try to use light colors for flannels, shirts, sweaters, and jackets. 


Dark colors are best left for the leg area to help create a lengthening effect. Remember to avoid prints (unless they are the vertical lines we talked about) and bright colors.


Two of the shades that will help you the most are black and white. Try it with black pants and a white shirt, you will see the visual effect of height for yourself. 


We recommend you not to wear only one color of clothes, always try to combine a light color with a dark color distributed in the way we recommend, you will thank us for this!



Tip 4: Avoid accessories 


Yes, we know that sometimes you want to work on a new look, but if it has exaggerated accessories, it's best to avoid it. 


No shoes with many ornaments or details are allowed and don't even think about chains with large sizes for your neck. Watches that cover your entire wrist are also forbidden. 


If you wear a belt with your pants, make sure the buckle is simple, nothing fancy, or with eye-catching details. 


Keep it as simple as possible when it comes to accessories. If you want to wear any, make sure not to overload and choose simple, small sizes and elegant models


Visually overloading your image will directly impact your height, making you appear smaller than you are.



Tip 5: Appropriate shirts 


We have gone through almost all the garments used in an outfit, but we were missing the most important one, the shirts


Whether you decide to wear formal shirts, sports shirts, or t-shirts, what you should always take into account when combining them with your shoes that make you look taller is that they are your size


You should leave the oversize measurements behind and get the right size for you. If the shirt comes below the zipper of your pants, you are making a big mistake. 


This will only make the garment give you the opposite effect of what you are looking for. We would dare to say it will even make you look smaller. 


If it is a formal shirt, be careful with the buttons. Make sure you don't button them all. Leave at least the first and last one unbuttoned, you'll see the difference quickly. 



Keep in mind that these are just some recommendations to give you a hand, you can always follow these suggestions by adding a touch of your style, or you can skip some of them. 


The important thing is that you are always comfortable with what you wear, whether it's the shoes that make you look taller or the clothes. However, trying a new way of doing things can bring new experiences and results that you could end up liking more than you thought you would. 


Ready to put together the best outfit with your shoes that make you look taller?

As you can see, there are several tricks you can apply to improve the perception of your height. Some are simpler than others, but all of them will be of great help when you are choosing your next outfit. 


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