The Truth Behind Elevator Shoes

The Truth Behind Elevator Shoes

If you are reading this, it’s because somehow you heard about some type of shoes that can make you taller but don’t understand how they work. Or you’ve worn elevator shoes but you’re still not sure about them.

Here at Gova, we’ll explain a little bit about them: Elevator shoes are regular shoes or sneakers that have thickened sections of the insoles (which are also known as shoe lifts) under the heels. Thanks to this, the wearer may appear taller and it’s a great way to increase your height.

You can name it either elevator shoes, lifting shoes, height increasing shoes, or even just shoes that make you taller. But they’re all the same thing: Sneakers, dressing shoes, or boots that can help you increase your height and perceive yourself a little bit taller. That simple, they are just the same kind of regular footwear you’re used to wearing but with an additional extra-height.

But the question is:

Should I wear elevator shoes?

If you’ve never worn this kind of footwear, it’s normal to be a little bit afraid. You may be thinking things like:

  • “Will the other people know I’m wearing this?”
  • “What happens when I take them off and they’ll see me shorter?”
  • “Which kind of shoes should I get if it’s my first time?”

Truth is, these shoes are quite special, they aren’t so common. However, you can wear them on a regular daily basis and feel 100% comfortable. Feeling taller and confident as well, with no prejudgment.

At Gova Shoes, most of our team are people (and especially men) whose height is on average less than 1.67 cm or 5.6 feet. Which can be considered “short” for the occident society. Nevertheless, we are all used to wearing these shoes and we feel comfortable with them. Because we made it something normal for us and we work hard in our self-confidence despite being short.


Elevator Shoes


The real truth is that everything starts in the confidence you have in yourself no matter what your height is. This kind of footwear can make you taller, but if you feel insecure and uncomfortable with your height, they will only do worse. To wear these shoes and make them something for the every-day, you must have to feel comfortable with who you are right now.

The key to taking advantage of elevator shoes is your perception of yourself. Love yourself, be grateful, and feel comfortable with who you are including your height. This way, not only you’ll boost your height several inches, but you will personally know that you don’t need elevator shoes to stay confident. You wear them because they make you happy. After all, they are a complement to who you already are.

That way, if you doubt that people will somehow notice you are taller wearing hidden high-heels (which for sure we can assure you no one will notice), or if you’re afraid people will notice you are shorter while not wearing them ¿What’s the problem in saying the truth? There are plenty of short men and women worldwide, we all deserve the chance to increase our height a little bit. It’s no big deal.

Having this mindset will enable you to wear these shoes every day and feel comfortable with them. You’ll have the chance to increase your height several inches with no prejudgment. Both men and women should deserve the opportunity to grow taller momentarily whenever they want to.

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