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Height Increasing Insoles

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Did you know you could increase your height in a very subtle way, and keep using your regular daily shoes and boots?
By wearing our insoles, not only you'll gain a couple of extra inches to your height using your regular shoes. But you'll also take better care of your feet as well.
 There are 8 major points and 24 reflective zones on the soles of your feet that can directly affect the function and circulation of your organs.
  • Poor balance
  • Uncomfortable pressure
  • Pro-fungal dampness
And so on, they can all be treated by wearing good quality insoles, as we do at Gova Shoes.
You just have to try them on and feel the difference.
We highly recommend you to wear these insoles with high boots for an extreme comfort on your feet and, and feel your height boost.
These insoles fits true to all sizes and adds extra 5 cm to your height.

It is said that a person's height might influence their self-confidence. So, if you had for one moment the opportunity to choose your height, what would you like it to be?

Would you like to be a few inches taller?

You need to know that you are responsible for your own life. From your style and outfit to the way you socialize with people every day. Maybe you believe that if you were taller, you would feel better with yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, indeed, being short sometimes can be difficult. And, unfortunately, we have to tell you that there are no magic pills. You were born with your actual height, and to achieve success and feeling great with yourself, you'll have to work hard in yourself to gain the confidence you desire.

But you and I know that confidence is the key, not your height.

Self-esteem isn't something you would gain just because of being taller, this is something we constantly remark at Gova Shoes: The real change starts in your heart. 

But... Wait.

What if we told you that, while you start the process of acquiring major confidence and believing in yourself, we can offer you a very effective tool to help you in this process:

Height Increasing Elevator Shoes


Maybe you’ll think we’re kidding, that we’re crazy. If we sell height increasing shoes, we need to make you feel miserable with your height. None of this is true. That’s why we aren’t a regular elevator shoe brand.

With our shoes: Yes, you’ll boost your height, you’ll get taller and they will help you feel more confident. But they’re only a compliment, it’s up to you, how you build a lifestyle that will help you transform yourself into your best version. No matter what your height is.

Maybe if you're a man you would like to attract more women, maybe you desire to feel superior in your professional & social opportunities, or maybe you even want to obtain better results in sports.

Not necessarily do you have to get taller to achieve these results. Not at all. But we do believe that a couple of extra inches can really make a difference. Because they can change perceptions, but not solve an entire problem. As we always say, the problem is not your height, it’s about how you perceive yourself.

 Here at Gova Shoes, we offer you an outstanding opportunity to add a couple of inches to your height. In a very subtle way, with both comfort & style, but we highlight that they’re a complement of the way you actually perceive yourself.

 Our Mission: Help & Guide You

Here at Gova Shoes, our aim is to make you a better person in every aspect of your life. It's not only about being taller, it's about becoming the best you, that could exist in this world. 

This is why at Gova Shoes we have a company philosophy: We are not willing to sell any product to a person that is not fully committed to improving his confidence.

Height Increasing shoes are only a helpful tool for those who are willing to improve their self-esteem and confidence.

So, if you feel that you are the right person.  And you are ready to start being in charge of your life: We invite you to take action and introduce yourself to the Gova Experience.

 To find your exact shoe size, you’ll need to measure your foot length.

Please note that each shoe brand has a wide difference in its measures.

Especially at Gova Shoes, where we aim to provide the highest quality shoes to make you stand taller, our measures are not comparable to the everyday shoes you are used to wearing.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to measure your feet length as described below and take into consideration only the EU size. The US and UK measures are only a slight reference.

Important info: Due to manual measurement, please allow a slight difference up to 0.5''or 1.5 cm.

How do I find my size?

To find your size you will need to measure your foot length, remember to keep the right posture:

  • Two legs parallel
  • Weight evenly divided on the two-foot
  • Put your foot on the white paper and measure the length and foot wide

Please, follow the next steps: 

1) Tape a piece of paper down to the floor

You are going to trace an outline of your foot measure. Please avoid doing this on a carpet or a difficult surface to write on.

2) Trace your foot to find your shoe size

Outline your shoe all the way around. You can wear the socks you are planning to wear with your shoes. But do not trace the outline with shoes.

3) Measure the length of your foot

Use the ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe, to the back of your heel. Please write down your measurements.

4) Measure the width of your foot

Measure the length of the foot across the widest part of the foot. Please write down your measurements.

5) Take into consideration your foot type for an adjustable measure


6) Find your shoe size on our size chart: